Saturday :: Feb 25, 2006

Abel Has Slain Cain

by pessimist

Crawl out of the woodwork, all of you Crusaders who denigrate Muslims as being savages. Climb up from the depths all you apologists for alleged Christian superiority. Warm up your PR engines, and get ready to roll, all you trolls who castigated Islam as not being a religion of peace, for there is much to be done to answer for this:

Christian mob kills Muslims

An enraged mob of Nigerian Christian youths has slaughtered dozens of Muslims in two days of rioting in the southern city of Onitsha.

Rioting broke out in the lawless trading town on the banks of the Niger River yesterday when members of the Igbo tribe launched revenge attacks in response to an earlier massacre of Christians in the north of the country.

Please - I want to hear what you are going to say to those Muslims who will be quoting your statements of outrage about how Islam isn't the religion of peace its defenders claimed. The shoe is now on the other foot. Abel has slain Cain. You get to defend Christianity not being the religion of peace that you declare it is.

I don't condone the behaviors of Muslims who kill over religion any more than I do Christians - or anyone else. I know that an 'eye for an eye' mentality makes everyone blind eventually. But neither will I condone those who claim that 'They did it first, so that makes it right!'

It is time for every religion which promotes peace to see to it that its acolytes follow the beliefs they profess - and I don't care which religion is yours. Now, walk your talk - or STFU.

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