Sunday :: Feb 26, 2006

Infernal Relations

by pessimist

Illicit relations seem to be attracting the attention of Bu$hCo lately:

Army Charges 7 With Having Sex on Video

The Army has recommended that seven 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers be discharged following allegations they engaged in sex acts shown on a gay pornographic Web site. The 15,000 paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne are among the Army's most elite soldiers, having volunteered to serve in a unit that trains to deploy anywhere in the world within 18 hours.

So why aren't Bu$hCo as worried about worse situations of illicit relations - ones that they are involved in themselves?

No - really! I mean it!

I'll wait until you are done laughing.

Considering how badly Bu$hCo's international relations are going, the 82nd Airborne Division paratroopers just might be needed at home anyway. They just might be needed to guard the guardians at our ports.

That alone is an illicit relation. The port security deal was exposed by an insider who grew disillusioned with Bu$hCo, a move which made the topic so hot that even 'Viagra' Bob Dole wouldn't touch it with a six inch pole - at least not in public! - "saying he would limit his involvement to discussions with Bush administration officials and efforts to 'help the American people understand the real facts.' "

But George just might have bigger fish on his plate. His pet attack terrier Condi is losing her teeth in Southwest Asia while George himself is getting ready to emulate Nikola Tesla's electricity tricks in South Asia, grabbing a hot wire labelled 'India' in one hand while he reachers for the one labelled 'Pakistan' with the other. Watch for the bright blue flash, then smell the ozone. He will have forgotten his cork-soled shoes.

But then, maybe he also needs Harry Houdini to sniff out what happened to that mystical connection he once had with Pooty-Poot! Isn't it ironic that the land of Marxist-Leninism will be taking over the leadership of the G-8 for this round of economic talks?

I think George is just mad that Vlad the Inveigler is doing to Russia things that George wants to do to the United States - before George can get around to doing them.

At least George still looks for an excuse before acting. Pooty just acts, previously self-justified.

Now - if only our Congress was more like Putin! IF they were doing their jobs, ...

I'll wait until you stop laughing - AGAIN!

... they would be doing like the British Parliament is now doing - without seeking an excuse NOT to!

MPs will today chastise ministers over their stance on the US practice of "extraordinary rendition" amid the first official admission that 200 suspect CIA flights had used British airspace. They are to summon the foreign secretary, Jack Straw, to give evidence again on an issue which has serious political and legal implications.
Members of the committee say they have not been told the full story despite months of trying.
In a report highly critical of the government's attitude towards human rights abuses, the Commons foreign affairs committee accuses ministers of failing in their duty to find out whether Britain has been complicit in the US policy of secretly transferring detainees to places where they risked being tortured.

Note to Congress: This is what the Legislative Branch of a government is supposed to be doing. If you aren't going to do the job, we will find others who will.

But, bottom line, the worst illicit relation is that of the American people with Bu$hCo. If anyone should be looking at why something vile is going on, it is us. We, The People. We are our own worst enemy.

We are letting Bu$hCo get away with figurative and literal murder, and we are active and willing accomplices, aiding and abetting as long as our SUVs don't run out of gas and the price doesn't stay too high for too long. Are we really so cheap that we can be bought off so easily to not do our jobs as citizens of this once-great land? Are we so addicted to Bu$hCo crack that we won't give it up for anything - even the survival of our nation while facing the loss of our freedoms?

I'd like to hope so, but I can't be certain. Too many things aren't going the way logic dictates they should.

And that may prove in the long run to be the most infernal and illicit relation of them all.

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