Sunday :: Feb 26, 2006

The Chickenhawks Come Home To Roost

by Steve

Bill Kristol continued with his campaign of blaming Donald Rumsfeld for what he, Kristol, and the other PNAC crowd said would be a cakewalk years ago. On Fox this morning, Kristol said that the United States has not had a serious three-year effort to fight a war in Iraq because we have never had sufficient troops assigned to this effort. It is a continuation of what Kristol has been saying for several years now, where he blames Rumsfeld and presumably his PNAC soul mate Paul Wolfowitz for underestimating the number of troops needed for the occupation and nation-building, while somehow holding Rumsfeld’s boss blameless for supporting those same policies. Crooks and Liars has the video here.

Kristol, who hasn’t gotten close to serving his country in combat since the last time he saw Rambo and wet himself, can never admit that the logical extension of his critique is as problematic as the PNAC manifesto was. For Kristol to be correct in his criticisms, and I don’t remember him coming to the defense of General Shinseki, it would mean that Rummy and the White House would have needed to deploy the 300,000-400,000 troops necessary for a successful occupation in Iraq. But in order to do so, those troops would have to been available in the first place. They weren’t, and still aren’t. That was the point of General Shinseki’s comments in the first place.

And for the record, Kristol and his fellow discredited chicken hawks at the Weekly Standard were all wrong about the number of troops that would be needed to fulfill their wet dreams in Iraq.

What Kristol can’t admit to is that his prescription and that of PNAC for fixing the Middle East was based on several faulty assumptions, such as the ease of moving from Afghanistan onto their war of choice in Iraq without finishing the job first against the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and doing so without enough international support to share the manpower burden. So rather than blame himself for the calamity he championed, and the man at the top who sees it as his mission to continue these mistakes now in Iran and Syria, Kristol would rather continue looking the other way and blame Rumsfeld.

But at least Kristol isn’t the only disaffected GOP cheerleader this morning. George Will also admitted the obvious on ABC’s “This Week” when he blew past Fareed Zakaria’s waffling to assert that Iraq is in a civil war already. That statement was borne out by a resumption of sectarian violence in the country today, which claimed two more US soldiers to little Billy Kristol's legacy.

Image courtesy of Crooks and Liars

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