Monday :: Feb 27, 2006

GOP's Caves On National Security For Bush On Dubai Ports Deal

by Steve

“(This deal raises) serious questions regarding the safety and security of our homeland."
--Bill Frist, last Tuesday

"We're behind the president 100 percent. We believe the decision in all likelihood is absolutely the right one.”
--Bill Frist, yesterday

The White House has scrambled fast enough and browbeat enough GOP senators and representatives now so that Bush will stave off a vote against the Dubai ports deal. Various media sources are reporting this morning that the White House, seemingly playing to its own members in both houses, has satisfied enough of the leadership that the GOP has flip-flopped and now sees it as no problem that a country that supported Al Qaeda, that sent two of the 9/11 murderers to our shores, and that supports harmful regimes and terrorists through its own ports will now be OK’d by the GOP to run our ports here in America less than five years after 9/11.

Democrats will now be able to beat the White House and the GOP congress over the head for the next eight months about their willingness to surrender in the war on terror for the sake of making a buck. Karl Rove’s talking points for the fall about the Democrats being the party of pre-9/11 thinking and a soft commitment to the war on terror have just evaporated with the GOP’s acceptance of a terror-supporting state operating our ports.

Democrats need to hang this around the GOP’s neck every day and every week until November, in every district and state where a GOP incumbent is up for reelection this fall. And the Democrats need to introduce resolutions redirecting Iraq supplemental appropriations and tax cuts towards domestic security.

As I said last week, the White House's incompetence and inattentiveness in handling this deal, coupled with the GOP's ongoing willingness to sell out this country's national security for another profit-making or campaign contribution opportunity has given Democrats an opening to make Bush's failings on domestic security an issue this fall, and to make it an albatross for all GOP incumbents, especially the ones in coastal states that are now caving in to White House pressure.

And if Democrats want to score more points, they should follow the lead of the nation's governors about what the Bush Administration has done to destroy the National Guard. There is bipartisan concern amongst the states about what this war of choice and this administration's foreign policies have done to the capabilities of the National Guard to protect us here at home. Democrats need to make a simple point: bring the Guard home now.

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