Monday :: Feb 27, 2006

Missing White House Emails In Plame Case Appear

by Steve

We didn’t note this at the time last Friday, but the more Scooter’s attorneys try and bottle up Patrick Fitzgerald with motions that don’t relate to the charges facing their client, the more Fitzgerald and Judge Reggie Walton make life difficult for them. After Fitzgerald last month told the court that many White House emails have disappeared contrary to the White House archiving policies, Fitzgerald told the court and Libby’s attorneys last Friday that over 250 pages of newly-found White House emails have surfaced and been turned over to the Special Counsel. I think that Alberto Gonzales, who would have been responsible if any of those emails did in fact disappear, got the message last month.

And what may be in those emails? Well, at least one report suggests that Shooter is tied in to the smear campaign more clearly as a result of what the court now has.

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