Tuesday :: Feb 28, 2006

Open Thread – Shooter's 18% Approval Edition

by Steve

First, revel in Harper’s cover story in March: the I-word.

Second, notice that conservative talk radio in Los Angeles, especially Rush and Hannity, has tanked while progressive talkers are on the rise.

Third, the New York Times late Monday sued the Bush Administration over the NSA spying documents. Keep in mind that in any discovery request, Times reporter James Risen likely has many of the documents already.

The John Roberts Supreme Court hears an appeal of Tom DeLay’s Texas redistricting scam on Wednesday.

A federal judge shot down Rummy’s effort to destroy civil service and collective bargaining rules inside the Pentagon.

After their classified briefing from the Administration on the Dubai ports deal Monday, both GOP Senator Susan Collins and Joe Lieberman agreed that the first review process was flawed and that new legislation to require congressional oversight will be put on hold until after the new 45-day review is completed. Check out the list of bipartisan sponsors of the Schumer proposal, and you can see that the Dubai deal is far from a slam dunk.

OK, your turn.

(Image courtesy of Suskind at DailyKos)

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