Tuesday :: Feb 28, 2006

More Than One Third Of Returning Iraq Vets May Need Mental Health Services

by Steve

Take the earlier finding from the Zogby poll of US soldiers in Iraq, mentioned below, where 37% say that Americans who want the troops to come home are unpatriotic, and then factor this in:

More than a third of U.S. soldiers and Marines fighting in Iraq visited a mental health specialist at least once after their combat tour, evidence both of the emotional trauma of the war and a growing willingness to seek help, according to a study in Wednesday's Journal of the American Medical Association.
The study found about 1 in 5 veterans of Iraq show evidence of mental health problems based on answers they provided in a screening survey taken after their combat tour. About 11% of veterans of Afghanistan showed similar problems in their answers.
Psychiatrists singled this out as a warning. "We better be ready to see a lot of soldiers coming back (with problems) because it looks like the high-stress Iraq environment is likely to produce more people who need help," says James Scully, American Psychiatric Association medical director.

Given the budget cuts that Bush is planning upon the VA and despite Shooter's empty assurances, and the certainty that we will have many veterans returning home in need of mental health services, what will we encounter in the coming years in our communities? Will the federal government meet its obligations to these vets, or will this administration and GOP Congress abandon its responsibilities to them, like they have to everyone else who doesn't write checks?

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