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Connecticut Cowboys And Atomic Indians

by pessimist

India and the United States will talk about cooperation in diverse fields, including trade and commerce, energy, agriculture and science and technology with a strong economic and trade content, said Indian Foreign Secretary Shyam Saran, but No agreements to be signed during Bush visit, because that is Mr Bush’s personal style. After 17 yrs, US set to let Indian mangoes enter supermarkets, which I guess is supposed to make up for the additional high-wage, high-tech jobs that will go to Indian citizens.

Is it a surprise that, while two-thirds of Indians consider President George W Bush a “friend of India”, 72 percent of those surveyed consider the United States a “bully”?

India has an agenda - ending not just the nuclear embargo imposed on it earlier, but the full gamut of restrictions on dual-use items.

As I recall, this is a reason why North Korea and Iran have decided to join Club Nuke, as India (and Pakistan, Dubai-yah's next stop!) did years ago. Dubai-yah (thanks to the commenter who came up with this appellation!) doesn't want them to have these technologies, and is threatening war against them. Going Atomic is why they have yet to be attacked, I'm sure.

But as India is expected to become the number three economy within a generation (some experts predict that India will pass China and become #2 by then), George isn't about to threaten war against New Delhi as he has Pyongyang and Teheran. All those Indian IT workers might shut down the Pentagon's computer systems, and make it impossible to control the Predators!

While Dubai-yah isn't popular with the Indian people (despite the poll results??? India's FAUX 'News' must be as effective as ours!), he clearly is well-regarded by the Indian government.

I guess that makes sense! Send lots of profitable First World employment there for years before you show up to be made into a fool! What former Third World government could turn down THAT opportunity!

How will Dubai-yah be made into a fool? Read on!

Well in advance of any meetings with Dubai-yah, the Indian government has let it be known that they are not going to make any deal that would inhibit their breeder reactor program. The only purpose for a breeder reactor is to generate mass quantities of Uranium-233 out of Plutonium-239 - the primary ingredient of modern atomic bombs.

Is it just a coincidence that India is building the world's most-advanced breeder reactors?

Just as Israel refuses to open up their Dimona nuclear plant (likely source of Israel's nuclear deterent and targeted for retaliation by Iran in the event of an attack on them) to international supervision, India has declared their Kalpakkam Fast Breeder Reactor a military facility and exempt from international controls, such as the US-India Nuclear Cooperation Agreement which covers India's civilian reactors used to generate electicity. Only 65% of India's reactors would be considered 'civilian'.

This is a big deal! So big, in fact, that Neo-Condi is already on the phone soliciting Indian cooperation. She isn't getting anywhere. Surprise! Surprise!! SUR-PRISE!!!

Apparently, the US is asking India to accept the same IAEA safeguards that are applicable to non-nuclear NPT member states. But at least till December, Indian negotiators had been insisting that India should have the same privileges as applicable to the five declared nuclear weapon states, including the US.

And this is unreasonable to the US? India has demonstrated that their bombs do work. Their first successful test was in 1974, and they are reported to be researching thermonuclear technology - H-BOMBS. Their second test in 1998 was of such a device, but the yield was miniscule compared to that expected - which requires that more research and testing take place in order to work out technical details that the US has known since the 1950s.

I believe that this is the reason the US 'government' is so willing to give away lucrative American jobs to India.

But the Indian government has already indicated that nothing the US will offer can change their minds. They are determined to meet their goals without any interference from anyone:

"We have judged every proposal made by the US side on merits, but we remain firm in that the decision of what facilities may be identified as civilian will be made by India alone, and not by anyone else," Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told parliament on Monday.

As I said above, Bu$h is trying to use more American jobs to buy off the Indians, but no one thinks that strategy is going to work:

Many observers have said there will be pressure to implement the Indo-US nuclear deal given the lucrative market India offers, with Washington ultimately toeing New Delhi's line.

Indian Express editor Shekhar Gupta wrote: "India's economic growth and promise, combined with the success of its pluralistic, secular democratic model have given it a unique position in this flattening world to play way above its league, punch above its weight."

Do you Red Staters still feel good about how - under the guy you voted for, George Dubai-yah Bu$h - every country that wants to spit in our eye feels no compunction against doing so? We've become the Rodney Dangerfield of nations!

Has the world's respect for America fallen so low since Bill Clinton left office?

Clearly, yes. It has.

India has at least 16 reactors, either operating or under construction, at six sites across India [ here], which I don't think includes the Kalpakkam Fast Breeder Reactor complex. Thirty-five percent of those reactors (which I take to be six) can produce a whole lot of U-233, which while not as powerful as U-235, (the elemental isotope that turned Hiroshima into ashes), can be made into weapons:

[T]he thorium cycle does produce U 233, and bomb experts assure us that a bomb can easily be made from U-233, and since there are no neutrons from spontaneous fission of U-233, U-233 can also be used easily in a gun-type nuclear bomb.

This is, of course, bad enough, as the citizens of Hiroshima can attest from direct experience. But the news gets worse:

Although U-233 has a nasty gamma ray, it is only a little more difficult to use in a bomb than plutonium. Thus this cycle is almost as proliferation prone as the plutonium cycle.

India wants to build these reactors, claiming that the resulting product makes building bombs difficult, but the experts remain divided.

China is also getting into the reactor game, seeking to perfect pebble-bed reactors, and then export them to other countries. They have their own set of worrisome problems:

[S]ome designs for pebble bed reactors lack a containment building, potentially making such reactors more vulnerable to outside attack and allowing radioactive material to spread in the case of an explosion. [A]n accident in Germany in 1986, which involved a jammed pebble ... released radiation into the surrounding area, and led to a shutdown of the research program by the West German government.

Like most nuclear reactors, pebble bed reactors produce radioactive waste which must either be safely stored for many human generations [maybe at muckdog's?], reprocessed (more difficult after this method of reaction) or disposed of by a method yet to be devised. The waste is more difficult to reprocess for further use due to the extra coatings. The fuel from other types of reactors is easier to [reprocess].

And reprocessing is exactly how nuclear explosives are gathered, boys and girls!

Just because something is difficult doesn't make it impossible. Giving, say, Sudan a pebble bed reactor doesn't mean that they won't exert the effort to extract the explosives - no matter how difficult.

But even if the goal is only to create dirty bombs, ANY reactor product will suffice - even the non-explosive isotopes. Using a pebble bed reactor will, as I point out above, give them MORE to work with! The effects of that sort of device are already known:

The Chernobyl accident caused dangerous radiological effects across a wide region of the Ukraine for five years, maybe longer if the real truth be known:

Back in 1957, an 80,000- gallon tank of high-level waste at Mayak exploded with a force of 5 to 10 tons of dynamite, heavily contaminating about 9,000 square miles of the Southern Ural Mountains. The average radiation dose received by some 10,000 people evacuated from the region was about 50 rem, 10 times the current annual limit for American radiation workers.

Some 75 square miles remain uninhabitable today - 49 years later.

It's a good thing muck's doing so well in this booming economy! He can affort the necessary shielding!

With this examination of atomic reactor technology and its pitfalls, I've gotten off the Bu$hCo Indian visit somewhat, but I think the high stakes being wagered by Bu$hCo in The Great Game need exposure.

Now add this tidbit into the equation: Indian fighter pilots bested American Top Guns in war games - twice. There is a reason that the results of these 'games' should be taken seriously - India has plans to fight a war with the United States.

I will state here that India currently isn't likely to go to war against the United States, but back in the 1920s, both Japan and the United States made plans to go to war against each other even though no one then thought it would likely ever happen. We know from history that those plans eventually led to war.

As India is expected to become a major economic rival of the United States (see above) in about the same time frame as that of the US-Japanese rivalry, can we doubt that such plans might someday be seen as foresightful planning by one side or the other?

That may be the motivation for Bu$hCo to attempt to trade jobs for peace, something that has gone on since Colin Powell promised more job exports from the US to India. As India continues to expect ever more employment to arrive on their shores, can we not make the claim that Bu$hCo is the occupational equivalent of Neville Chamberlain? He sought to avoid war also. We also know how history treats him today.

Let's hope that Bu$h is more successful, but his track record is abominable. "Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."

Especially if one is transmogrified into atomic ash that glows in the dark for some 250,000 years.

I wonder if any of those 1950s bomb shelters is still available? If not, I'll have to have one built!

I'll just use that 'tax relief' check I got! I've still got planty left!


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