Thursday :: Mar 2, 2006

White House Uses Previously-Undisclosed Transcript To Defend Itself On Katrina

by Steve

In response to the AP story and video yesterday about the warnings given to Bush about the possible impact of Hurricane Katrina upon New Orleans on August 28th, 2005, the White House quickly put out a transcript of an August 29th conference call, where it is claimed that Bush is asking question and is very engaged in the discussion on that day. In fact, according to Newsweek, the White House must have had advance warning that the AP was going to put this story out yesterday, because the White House turned over the transcript to congressional investigators Tuesday night, and emailed it to Newsweek Wednesday morning, before the AP story broke.

There is only one problem with this new revelation: the White House previously told congressional investigators that the transcript and conference call trotted out yesterday didn’t exist. On top of that, any spin effort by the White House now to defend itself by showing Bush to be engaged in managing the effort from Washington flies in the face of the defense used by the White House previously, which was that the White House was not a command center.

Image courtesy of Newsweek and the AP

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