Thursday :: Mar 2, 2006

Fox Poll: 69% Oppose Dubai Ports Deal

by Steve

Even the Fox News poll has bad results for Bush:

Bush Job Approval:
39% Approve
54% Disapprove

2006 Generic Ballot:
48% Democrat
34% GOP

Better on Fighting Terrorism:
38% GOP
33% Democrats

Dubai Ports Deal:
17% Support
69% Oppose

It doesn’t matter. Even though Congress is waiting for the administration to conclude a new 45-day review of the deal, the Treasury Department told the Senate today that the deal will close tomorrow no matter what Congress thinks.

Oh yeah, 81% of those polled think that Iraq will end up in a civil war.

Fox said this poll was representative of registered voters as a whole, and yet in the party self-identification question, the Democrats had a 10-point advantage.

Where did all the cultists go?

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