Thursday :: Mar 2, 2006

Gallup: Bush Down To 38% - Quinnipiac Has Bush Down To 36%

by Steve

Now it’s Gallup’s turn. The latest CNN/USAT/Gallup poll just came out, and Bush is back down to a 38% approval rating, with a 60% disapproval rating. But here’s the killer for W: the “strongly disapprove” level is now up to 44%. This poll's sample had a smaller Democratic advantage than many other current polls, (35% Democratic/32% GOP/31% Independents) so it is possible that Bush's job approval rating in this poll is actually lower than 38%.

In the 2006 general ballot question, the Democrats have a 14-point advantage (53%-39%).

73% now say that Big Business has too much influence over the Bush Administration (are you paying attention Dems?)

58% say that Bush isn’t paying enough attention to what in the hell his administration is doing.

73% say a civil war is likely in Iraq.

66% oppose the Dubai ports deal.

And, the latest poll also out today by Quinnipiac University has Bush down to 36% approval, with 58% disapproval.

Sorry trolls.

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