Friday :: Mar 3, 2006

Friday Quick Hits

by Steve

Many of us love Southwest Airlines for a variety of reasons, but it appears their political judgement is sorely lacking. Given the indictment and trial staring him in the face, why did Southwest Airlines see a need to give Tom DeLay $1,000 in the last two weeks?

Speaking of bad political judgment, what was the White House thinking today when Bush extolled the virtues of outsourcing American jobs to India? I’m sure Rahm Emanuel and the DCCC will be obtaining a copy of the video to run in all contested GOP districts this fall when they browbeat vulnerable GOP incumbents for their support of Bush’s hollowing out of America for corporate and GOP profit opportunities.

Duke Cunningham pleaded for leniency today.

I’m sure that John McCain doesn’t feel used again after seeing the White House ignore his torture ban at Gitmo. McCain is Bush’s biggest bitch, and would sell anyone, even the troops out, just to get the presidency.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were handed a major issue for the fall when Susan Collins and yes, Joe Lieberman were unable to convince their Senate colleagues that an independent office was needed to oversee congressional ethics and lobbying.

Both Harriet Miers and Abu Gonzales told Jane Harman to her face that the Bush Administration is not conducting domestic surveillance of American citizens beyond what has already been disclosed on the NSA spying program.

Patrick Fitzgerald told Scooter’s attorneys that they have gotten all they are going to get from him.

Bush thinks Pakistan is an Arab country. God help us.

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