Saturday :: Mar 4, 2006

King-George-gate: Bill Frist shows his true colors

by eriposte

We always knew Sen. Bill Frist (R-Corrupt White House Lackey) was a consummate fraud. Now we're also discovering that he's auditioning for the role of cowardly, anti-American, cheat. And not unexpectedly the media sleeps through it. Georgia10 and Reddhedd have some suggestions on how you can help.

Reddhedd adds that Frist was for bipartisan oversight before he turned against it (considering that flip-flopping is the hallmark of King George and his minions this is no surprise either):

Bill Frist: Cheater and Hypocrite

...Please, take some time to write, fax and call your Senators, radio talk shows and media folks -- both via e-mail and on any media blog comments threads where this would be approriate to discuss (thanks to reader forggermarch for the idea on this). This craven attempt to manipulate the rules of the Senate because George Bush is too cowardly to face up to the consequences of his decisions cannot be allowed to stand. Bill Frist does not get to cheat without a light being shone on his hypocrisy.

The annals of a corrupt, cowardly and weak monarchy.

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