Sunday :: Mar 5, 2006

King-George-gate: The Kansas-Maine-Nebraska-(Other) Roots Project

by eriposte

This is an appeal to all readers, especially those who are in Kansas, Maine and Nebraska. Time is of the essence.

As you may know, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) is expected to take up the matter of King George's illegal domestic spying program on Tuesday, March 7th. Jane Hamsher at Firedogake and Glenn Greenwald at Unclaimed Territory (among others, like John Amato at Crooks and Liars) have been working with progressive blogs run by individuals in those states (e.g., Josh Rosenau at Thoughts From Kansas, Thersites 2 of Kansas at Vichy Democrats, and Kyle Michaelis at the New Nebraska Network) to raise more awareness of the issues locally in those states and to drive actions, including calls and letters to the offices of key GOP Senators as well as individual letters to the state media outlets urging Senators, media and fellow-citizens to demand an independent investigation and oversight of the Bush spying program. This is an enormously important activity which got kicked off recently and will hopefully grow in the coming days, weeks and months (and I hope to publish more on it during that time period as well).

For your reference, I have have provided a synopsis of key links debunking the myriad fake talking points about Bush's spying program at this location. Feel free to use one or two key facts and construct polite letters emphasizing the facts in your own words, using the links provided. We would love to see more letters to the media and to the Senators offices - and calls to those offices - before the March 7 SSCI session.

Here is the help that's needed.

  • If you live in Maine, Nebraska or Kansas, please select the appropriate links below to learn more and participate.
  • If you live in one of the other states, then please contact people you know in Maine, Nebraska and Kansas who are in favor of Congressional oversight over Bush's illegal spying program and direct them to the correct link below. After that, please feel free to contact the offices of these Senators.


  • Contact information for GOP Sen. Pat Roberts, along with additional information, is available at this link from Vichy Democrats
  • Media contact information for Kansas is available from Josh Rosenau at Thoughts from Kansas


  • Contact information for the GOP Senators from Maine, along with key media outlets in Maine, is available at this link from Vichy Democrats


  • Contact information for GOP Sen. Chuck Hagel (and Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson) from Nebraska, along with along with key media outlets in Maine, is available at this link from Vichy Democrats


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