Sunday :: Mar 5, 2006

Watch This Drive - NOLA

by Duckman GR

We complain much about the press, and rightly so, their failures are legion. But I think we also need to remind ourselves that this isn’t really new, that the press has been lapdog or jingoist, craven or coward, at the same time earnest, revealing, determined, honest, for a long time.

Look at the fall of McCarthy, Watergate, the Spanish American War, here’s one from even farther back,

Her most known remark at this time was "Let them eat cake", in response to a request to lower the price of bread, though interestingly, this remark was just a rumor spread by a reformist newspaper.

The Constitution has certain protections enshrined for a free press, but that’s all they are, protections. Not guarantees, not enumerated powers, just protections. There’s no mechanism, no regulations to tell journalists how to do their job, how to exercise their function under the umbrella of a free press protection. Indeed, how could you legislate something like that, how could you specify in a broad document like the Constitution such ways and means?

You can’t say ‘here, you're free to report what you see, and here’s exactly how you’re going to do it.’ And yes, we all know there are limitations, limitations that don’t give sway to one group over another group.

So it's the media's fault, not Bush's for sure, right? Like I said, there are no guarantees. But now, as always, there is opportunity. For people, us, to speak of that which happens in our lives and world.

The “Press” is amorphous, a thin wisp of cloud passing across the face of the moon, a morning dove suddenly pounced upon by a prowling tomcat, a changed life…

It may have felt safer later when the National Guard arrived in his area but it was also surreal. Struggling for words he described it. "First time I saw that big military truck with armed soldiers in front.....I...I...I thought here? This is America! And here'd I'd been just the week before grilling out with my kids." (my bold)

If we can’t count on the msm, well, why should we? No guarantees, no operators manual. So it’s up to people like us to inform our fellow citizens. Like Steve or Jane or Jeralyn or Mary Beth or David or Glenn or Scout Prime. And if you haven’t watched any of Scouts videos from NOLA, well, you better. Six months later and the place is still devastated. Explain to those people why. Why you aren’t more pissed off at the failure of the Bush Administration, not the U.S. Government, not FEMA, not hapless Mike Brown, but George Effing Codpiece Bush, and why aren’t you, we, us, demanding his empty head on a platter, him and all his appointees and henchmen and enablers and manipulators, his dead enders and corporatist masters.

Because that’s who did this. Not Governor Blanco, not Mayor Nagin, not Bill Clinton, not Saddam Hussein, not Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez, you can’t even blame hannity or o’lielly for it. All Bush, all the time. George W Bush, Corrupt and Care Less.

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