Wednesday :: Mar 8, 2006

Who Will be Responsible for Iraq?

by paradox

"I don't buy your premise that there's going to be a civil war." George Bush, 02/28/06

When the head of security for the Green Zone, a General in the new Iraqi Army (“as they stand up we’ll stand down”) gets shot in the head the very next day, his brains a red mist as much US Iraq policy, well, I buy the premise there might be a civil war.

Even if there weren’t bloody clashes from rival militias in the streets that left thousands dead the Iraq war is still a disastrous failure: the country has degenerated into a lawless mayhem of violence and utter disorder. The presence of the United States is virulently hated and could very well be making things worse.

So far in the war that’s never supposed to end: 2,300 dead, 16,000 wounded, $450 billion dollars and a vicious, searing hell of death, maiming and chaos for the Iraqi people. Whom we lied about and had done nothing to us.

Is it truly possible that the United States is supposed to be in this posture of crouching defensiveness in utter hell for the next three years? Bush will never, ever admit failure (he never has) and be tagged as a coward that ran, fine. What’s the next president going to do, then? Campaign and win on continuing this insanity in Iraq? Right. The next President will have to withdraw, assuming Bush has not done so before then.

One day, one way, sooner than later, we’re getting out of Iraq, there won’t be one US soldier or one base flying the flag in that country. Nothing of our presence is going to survive—how could it, after all the horror the United States has instigated?

Who will be responsible for withdrawal? Bush has spent $450 billion for the war while cutting taxes, has never gone to a soldier’s funeral, and never even owned up that he lied to our faces about Iraq’s wmd, he’s not going to take responsibility for failure and withdrawal in Iraq.

Somebody has to; one simply cannot just decide to snap some fingers and get two Army and one Marine divisions, along with all the Air Force assets and logistics equipment and personnel, to stroll away from Iraq with nary a care in the world. It doesn’t work that way, not at all.

If word spreads quickly after some atrocity that the Americans are leaving half of Iraq could go berserk and kill a quarter of our people there in a week. If a fight is on at withdrawal all of our equipment will be left behind, no commander will save it with lives on the line. It’s well, well within the capability of the Iraq people to implement precisely those scenarios.

Think back to when White was acquitted, or when the King verdict came down: ordinary citizens with nothing in their hands erupted into the streets and caused flaming rioting destruction in minutes. Everyone in Iraq has a rifle—if the Iraqis rise up as one as we leave we’ll be lucky indeed to only lose a quarter of our people.

One could easily envision a scenario where the main road to the Baghdad airport is closed at orders for withdrawal because of flaming wreckage from armored vehicles. They can’t be moved and the road re-opened because of constant small arms fire. A $45 million F-15D circling overhead can’t do a damn thing about it either—access to the airport in Baghdad is cut off.

Seemingly normal Baghdad citizens, 20,000 of them armed with rifles and grenades, see their chance the finally get back at the Americans and breach the Green Zone. What are the Americans going to do, bomb Baghdad to rubble to stop them? In 6 hours the Green Zone is simply overrun, 5,000 dead in a day, mostly foreigners to Iraq, while the airport is a useless armed hub of defensiveness in the mayhem—there’s no way out of Baghdad.

Multiply that scene by 50 and one can get a sense of the bloody chaos withdrawal can be.

One day, in some way, we are going to leave that flaming hell in Iraq. If no one’s going to be responsible for it, incredibly, then the last three years are going to seem like a picnic for the hell we’re in for when that day finally comes.

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