Thursday :: Mar 9, 2006

Defied By Own Party, Bush Eats Veto Threat, Loses Dubai Ports Deal

by Steve

Congressional Republicans told Bush today he was going to lose the Dubai ports deal. Bush then tried to eat his veto threat, only to see Dubai Ports World give up on managing the ports.

DP World said it will transfer all interest in U.S. port operations to an American-based company, but it was unclear immediately how DP World would manage the divestiture.
Republican congressional leaders had told Bush at a White House meeting earlier Thursday that both the House and Senate appear ready to block the takeover, GOP officials said.
The move came as the White House, facing a Republican rebellion in Congress, played down President Bush’s veto threat and said he was trying to find a compromise to resolve the uproar over the company’s plan to take over significant operations at several U.S. sea ports.
Look, this was a colossal blunder from a cabal that was used to having its way with Congress. How could these guys, weeks after Rove boasted about how the GOP would ram national security down the throats of the Democrats this fall, allow its own committee overseeing foreign investments to rubber stamp a deal that would destroy that whole narrative? And how could the White House assume that a lame veto threat would scare its own party incumbents to allow a transaction that would position Nancy Pelosi to their right on national security?

If Democrats were smart and able to pivot quickly, they would propose increased federal oversight at all ports of entry, and receive higher funding. Make the GOP tell us why that isn't necessary and keep them on the run, and to the left of House and Senate Democrats on national security.

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