Friday :: Mar 10, 2006

King-George-gate: The Pennsylvania Roots Project

by eriposte

Glenn Greenwald rightly asks:

Arlen Specter - resolute maverick or compliant pet?

Glenn of course knows the answer - and you should read the post to see why (Specter beaming at the Patriot Act renewal signing ceremony, fully knowing that his Lord and Master King George has been violating, and will continue to violate the Act every day, making the Patriot Act a complete joke and a farce).

Talking of Specter, the Pennsylvania Roots Project has been kicked off to encourage everyday Americans in Pennsylvania to write to their media outlets and their Senators (especially Specter) to hold Bush accountable through proper hearings in the Judiciary Committee.

Please take a moment to click through and read this post by Thersites 2 at Vichy Democrats.

When you have read that, you can use this Pennsylvania media contact list.

[Also, a local Pennsylvania blog PSoTD is worth taking a look at].

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