Friday :: Mar 10, 2006

King-George-gate: Can you say fake "maverick"?

by eriposte

The difference between a real maverick and a fake one in Congress is that a real maverick doesn't just say the right things, he or she does the right thing.

Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, who likes to make the right noises to appear "maverick", showed himself to be nothing more than a fake maverick in the end. He kowtowed to the White House just like every one of the other Republican rubber-stamps in Congress. All the nuance about some "oversight" having been started was of course pure bunk - and Think Progress has the perfect graphic illustrating the law-breaking that Chuck Hagel (not to mention Olympia Snowe) ended up supporting.

Anyway, Kyle Michaelis at the New Nebraska Network, takes a look at Chuck Hagel. It's worth a read.

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