Saturday :: Mar 11, 2006

Open Thread - Bush Advisor In The Pokey Edition

by Steve

As we head into a weekend, here’s another high-quality White House personnel hire for you, and a guy Bush was ready to put on the federal bench. Former domestic policy advisor Claude Allen, who was an enforcer for Rove back in 2001, and who suddenly resigned his White House position four weeks ago to “spend more time with his family” (we just didn’t know it was the Sopranos), was arrested today for committing numerous refund frauds on Target stores. Allen is a homophobic black conservative who formerly worked for Jesse Helms, and was called by the Post back in 2003 as the embodiment of conservative values. How true, how true. He was just another Clarence Thomas wanabe.

Allen was one of the highest paid White House staffers at the time of his scamming, making $161,000 a year.

OK, your turn.

Hat tip to Atrios and Faiz at ThinkProgress, from where we got the image.

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