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King George's Pimp$

by pessimist
You know it's hard out here for a pimp...

...Done seen people killed, done seen people deal
Done seen people live in poverty with no meals
It's fucked up where I live, but that's just how it is
It might be new to you, but it's been like this for years...

...Man it seems like I'm duckin dodgin bullets everyday

Niggaz hatin on me cause I got hoes on the tray

...That's the way the game goes, gotta keep it strictly pimpin...

You know it's hard out here for a pimp...

- the 2006 Academy Award Winning 'song'

Gangs in the 'hood are a long-term American problem, and King George has come up with a solution:

February 6, 2005: Earl Ofari Hutchinson wrote:

President Bush wasted no time in dispatching his newly designated gangbuster, wife Laura, to the mean streets of Philadelphia. Laura's mission, as Bush made it clear in his State of the Union speech, is to help halt that violence. But increased dollars, Laura's inner-city treks, and Bush's moral finger wag will do little to stop the killing.
Many of the young men that tuck guns in their waistbands and shoot-up their neighborhoods feel that no one cares whether they live or die.
Their belief that their lives are devalued fosters disrespect for the law and forces them to internalize anger and displace aggression onto others. And as long as the attackers regard their victims as weak, vulnerable, and easy pickings they will continue to kill and maim with impunity.

April 06, 2005: Arianna Huffington wrote:

After plummeting during the 1990s, gang violence is making a bloody comeback all across America, with gang-related homicides up 50 percent since 1999.

There seems to be plenty of money for new cops to patrol the streets of Baghdad, but very little for those protecting America's inner cities. Indeed, the $150 million Bush has pledged to spend on his national anti-violence proposal over the next three years is about what we're spending in Iraq--every single day.

According to Justice Department estimates, there are about 21,500 gangs nationwide with over 730,000 members. And these gangs are no longer confined to Los Angeles and New York. Cities like Denver, Portland, Salt Lake City and Tulsa have all seen dramatic surges in gang-related criminal activity.

That would be an awful lot of soldiers to dump into foreign lands to conquer in the name of The Puke Of Oil, King George. He would save defense funds by eliminating basic training. It isn't like bangers don't already know how to kill.

Now, gang activity has attracted the attention of Homeland Security. But is the real interest law enforcement, or military impressment?

I suspect the latter. Bu$hCo is running out of willing volunteers for the military, no matter what they claim to the contrary. They know they are scraping the bottom of the barrel with the recent reduction in the enlistment standards.

I wrote about it recently.

Think of the benefits! No one will care if these miscreants ever come home from Oilstan, we won't have to provide them with body armor (as they don't think they are going to live past 30 anyway), and they can practice all of their favorite thuggery on 'them' - brown-skinned Asians who think they can keep us from Owwer Oil! We won't even have to pay them, as they already work for the fun of it! Just feed 'em and arm 'em and turn 'em loose!

Meanwhile, back home, George can brag about what a fine job Laura is doing to improve life in the 'hood. Crime will be down, and the people can feel safer on the streets. Win-win all around!

Unless you are a citizen of the country that receives this 'largesse'.

For instance:

Question: "Didn't Al-Zawahiri recently [appear on] Al-Jazeera [TV channel] and explicitly call to renew the terrorist operations in Egypt?!"

Egyptian MP Ragab Hilal Hamida: "This was because of his opposition to the American policy and to Washington's meddling in Egypt's domestic affairs. All parties, associations and journalists oppose the American control in the region ..."

"It is [Our] Duty to Repel any Enemy of the Islamic and Arab Countries, Using 'Terrorism' Rather Than Using Violence"
Question: "Do you think that this is the [appropriate] time to repeat such provocative statements, when we are trying to improve the image of Islam in the West and to refute the accusation that [Islam] is a religion of terrorism, as [some] are claiming?"

Hamida: "Islam does not need improvement of its image... But there are some ignorant Muslims who do not understand the tenets of their faith... It is [our] duty to repel any enemy of the Islamic and Arab countries, using 'terrorism' rather than using violence. We need an accurate definition of [the term] 'terrorism' in the negative climate in which we live - a climate that makes no distinction between a criminal and one who is prepared to sacrifice his life or a terrorist. In defining [this term], we must not be influenced by American pressures, but consider the issues in the light of shari'a. They should not tell us to fight terrorism and to fight it as they command us to. The Americans are the ones who perpetrate violence in the Arab countries!..." ­ Roz Al-Yusouf (Egypt), January 28, 2006-February 3, 2006.

This militant attitude is supported somewhat by this Arab journalist working in America:

Maya Beydoun, Al Jazeera foreign correspondent based in Washington, D.C., said Islamist opposition is news, and Al Jazeera is in the business of portraying the news. “We are portraying the Arab state,” Beydoun said. “And I’m very sorry to say this, but the Arab state is very anti-American.

“We don’t make up stories, we just report on whatever is going on. Right now, Americans don’t understand Arabs, and Arabs don’t understand Americans at all,” Beydoun said. “That is a big problem.”

She said anything American usually is shunned by Arabs.

In February 2004, the United States created Alhurra, an American news station, to combat Al Jazeera’s popularity. Alhurra, which is funded by American taxpayers, is watched by only 6 percent of Middle Easterners, Beydoun said. She said Alhurra is widely viewed as American propaganda television.

“American taxpayers should be concerned that their tax money is going to Alhurra,” she said.

A typical example of what Bu$hCo is doing that makes Muslims think evil toward us:

The US State Department's new drive towards invasive diplomacy only reveals the continuing arrogance and dangerous recklessness of the current American administration, writes Gamil Matar, director of the Arab Centre for Development and Futuristic Research.

The last encounter we had with a Washington drive to revamp its image was with its choice of the so-called "public diplomacy" approach. Many political analysts at the time felt that in adopting this policy the US had overstepped that red line in international law that restricted the type of contacts that foreign diplomats could make with citizens in their host country. Much as that old-time favourite of Western fans, the Lone Ranger, these diplomats will be braving the streets, mingling with the people whose language they have now acquired and implementing Washington's instructions without the usual red tape to wade through.

Suddenly, US Embassy officials began to tour the corridors of government buildings in the countries to which they were posted on grounds that they had to monitor the progress of irrigation, healthcare and other development projects sponsored and funded by US aid agencies. Soon we began to hear rumours of what were tantamount to American directives to local government agencies on purely sovereign concerns. Then, the next thing you know, Rice announces this month that "public diplomacy" was only one facet of America's new "transformational diplomacy". Rice will be credited for adding new and original terms and concepts in the field of diplomacy.

One cannot help but observe that this transformational diplomacy has at least certain elements in common with an erstwhile Soviet custom. Now, apparently, US diplomats will be seconded as political advisors to US military units operating abroad, rather in the manner of the Communist Party's erstwhile commissars.

I believe that some of these concepts are already being put into effect and that she has been priming the world for a new style of American foreign policy behaviour.
The most part of this behaviour is intended to create the springboard from which Washington will be able to leap the gap between superpower and imperial capital. The "transformational diplomacy" scheme was not the only item on the secretary of state's agenda these past few weeks. She spoke emphatically on the "powers" that the Security Council had in order to "force" countries into cooperating.

Rice leaves us in no doubt about what America's diplomatic restructuring is all about: America's forthcoming wars will not be against foreign governments but against what it regards as hostile forces inside foreign countries.

Sadly, I can only agree with Francis Fukuyama who, in The New York Times Magazine of 19 February, predicted that the levels of both peaceful and military violence that will be brought to bear in the implementation of Washington's "transformational diplomacy" must inevitably climb.

The reason is patently obvious: American violence will beget ever more destructive and widespread terrorism on the other side.

If you think that this rejection of American 'assistance' is too extreme, just think about the American reaction over the Dubai Ports World 'deal'! The issue is sovereignty - the right of a people toward self-determination of one's national government. Just as we Americans are not interested in submitting to Sharia, they aren't interested in being subjected to American corporatist 'democracy'. And, as the Egyptian MP points out above, they are willing to fight over it.

Reminds me of another nation which once rejected foreign imposition of a system of government.

But I digress.

In a misguided effort to avoid such problems - especially with China - corporate executive and World's Richest Man Bill Gates is willing to submit to a US law that would allow him not to comply with Chinese demands to violate Internet freedoms:

In fact, well-drawn restrictions could ease the predicament of US companies by, as Mr Gates says, making clear what they cannot do. An anti-repression law would give Yahoo a ready answer the next time Chinese officials demand evidence against cyber-dissidents. We must obey your laws, the American representatives would be able to respond. But we must obey our laws as well.

But, as Mr. Gates knows well, the ultimate 'law' in the world is The Filthy Lucre. All China would have to do is raise the ante, and no American law will have any real effect on corporate behavior in China.

This is why America has had such a bad time in many countries, even before our soon-to-be-gang-banger-laden military shows up to impose 'democracy'. Doubt me? Read John Perkins Confessions of an Economic Hit Man [extremely highly recommended!!!]

Maybe if we Americans (or, more correctly, our corporate representatives) dealt more fairly with the rest of the world, we wouldn't have achieved this ignominious image:

In the Turkish-made Valley of the Wolves, Muslims are the good-guy defenders of virtue in Northern Iraq and Americans are the bad-guy aggressors. One reason this film deserves our attention is because it contains just enough reality to blur the boundaries between fact and fantasy.

The film turns on an actual incident: on July 4, 2003, U.S. troops in Northern Iraq rounded up 11 Turkish soldiers they suspected of plotting against Kurdish leaders. Obeying orders, the Turkish soldiers surrendered without resistance.

In the film, we see U.S. soldiers blasting their way into peaceful villages and carrying out mass roundups of hooded prisoners. At a prison labeled Abu Graib, a Lynndie England look-alike and her buddies torment a pyramid of naked victims. Images of American flags, da Vinci’s The Last Supper and an immense carved crucifix fuse American aggression and Christianity.

During this two-hour-plus film, we also see valiant Muslims fighting to restore their damaged honor against brutal American soldiers who shoot captives they have locked in the back of a truck, who murder guests at a wedding and who kill a little boy who thinks an M-16 is a toy. The surgeon who operates on wounded civilians harvests their organs and sends them to the U.S., Israel and Europe. The only American who protests against any of these crimes is shot.

Rather than dismissing these Technicolor caricatures as ludicrous, we must take them as yet another battlefront in the war of images between East and West.
Sophisticated cinematography makes this a powerful film. But its real force lies in the fit between particular plot elements and images we have seen on television news. Visually it resembles the cover of this week’s Spiegel, the German news magazine, which features a crucified torture victim and the headlines, "America’s Shame: Torture in the Name of Freedom."

There’s no questioning the strong element of anti-American propaganda to this film, but the worst thing we could do as Americans is to ignore it or, even worse, dispense with our free-speech traditions and try to shut it down. Although hard to watch, it is showing us the depth of outrage against the West in much of the Muslim world.

In the eyes of millions of people, the movies are not the only place where we’ve become the bad guys.
In Germany, Valley of Wolves has climbed to sixth place at the box office and the other language versions will soon be released. If the audiences seeing these versions shout "Allah Akbar!" like they did in the Berlin theatre where I saw the film, it is clear that its message rouses Muslims who feel humiliated by the West.

And the last thing we need to do - if we are truly serious about ridding the world of terrorism - is to send our own homegrown terrorists out there in the guise of being members of the official military forces of the United States Government. One little incident, and all of the troubles US forces have caused (such as these too common examples from Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines) will seem as innocent as a kindergardener learning about sexual harrassment rules.

These Bu$hCo clowns can't manage an economy, disaster relief, a military, or international relations, much less a war. Are you sure you want to continue to allow them to do more harm to our international image - and the world - than they already have?

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