Sunday :: Mar 12, 2006

Feingold Will Push For Censure - Is He A Good ABH Candidate In 2008?

by Steve

Even though the Beltway Democratic consultants have convinced the Senate Democratic leadership that the NSA spying issue is radioactive for the fall elections, Russ Feingold showed some welcome guts this morning on "This Week" when he announced that he would introduce a resolution to censure President Bush for illegally wiretapping American citizens. He immediately got his desired result on the same show when Bill Frist, fresh from his victory over John McCain in the straw poll at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference yesterday, said that he would see to it that the resolution would never see the light of day. Frist went so far as to say that Feingold was aiding the enemy, ensuring that HCA Bill will do what it takes to help Feingold keep censure and illegal spying in the news a little while longer and forcing the GOP to defend behavior far worse than what they impeached Clinton for.

Kudos to Feingold, who is looking more and more like a good protest candidate from the left in 2008. Crooks and Liars has the video here.

In fact, without any more candidates jumping in at this point, the race is shaping up something like this.

New faces to be the Anyone But Hillary (ABH) candidate from the left: Feingold

New faces to be the ABH candidate from the center-right: Warner

If you don’t ascribe to the “new faces are needed” school: Edwards, Clark, Kerry

The 800-pound gorilla ABH: Gore

About Hillary, I want to say this: for those of us who say she cannot be elected, let’s acknowledge that this only applies if she ends up in a head-to-head race against McCain, and even then, I’m not sure that by 2008 this will apply. McCain is doing everything he can to audition now to be Cheney’s replacement if Shooter leaves in 2007, by telling the faithful that Bush was right about Iraq, that Bush is right to spy on Americans, that Bush is correct about the Dubai deal, and that Bush is right about his tax cuts (please ignore the deficits). He is trying to endear himself to the cultists, like he did this weekend at the SRLC, when he asked them to write in Bush’s name on the straw ballot instead of his own, and it flopped when not only did Bush not get many votes, but Frist won the straw vote. Of course, a straw vote at a cult gathering in early 2006 is relatively meaningless except to gauge how well McCain connected with the Kool-Aid drinkers. And perhaps we are seeing that he isn’t connecting very well, given the fact that the ethically-damaged Frist, Mitt Romney, and others got more votes than McCain did. In sum, I am not sure it is a done deal that the cultists would give the GOP nomination to McCain in 2008, and if they don’t, then matching Hillary up against one of the other GOP loons makes her definitely electable, no matter what people think about her or her husband. Ask yourself this: would independent voters really vote for George Allen over Hillary, and wouldn’t Hillary pull in millions of voters who haven’t voted in recent elections in such a match-up?

Your thoughts are welcome.

Hat tip to Atrios, and to Dave Edwards at Crooks and Liars for the image and link, as well as to Judd and Nico at ThinkProgress

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