Sunday :: Mar 12, 2006

Koufax Awards Voting Closing Tomorrow

by eriposte

I didn't realize the Koufax Awards voting is about to close by Monday 3/13/06. So, please make sure you vote immediately!

Thanks to our readers, The Left Coaster is nominated in the following five categories:

Best Blog (Non-Professional)

Best Series (a personal thanks to readers for nominating these two series of mine - Niger forgeries, WMDgate: Fixing Intelligence Around Policy)

Best Group Blog

Best Writing (Paradox)

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition

The left top sidebar at Wampum has links to all the categories and the nominees. You can vote in the comments section. If the website has some problems with comments, please use this link to email Dwight with your vote.

Please make sure you take some time to vote in as many categories as you have time for! With so many superlative blogs in the lefty blogosphere, voting for just one person or blog in every category is truly very very difficult :-).


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