Monday :: Mar 13, 2006

For A Guy Who Isn't Running, Gore Is Busy In Florida

by Steve

Following up on our recent focus towards 2008, there has been some interesting reportage over the weekend.

Walter Shapiro, writing for Salon at Memphis this weekend for the GOP’s first beauty contest event, says that while Democrats fear the ultimate outcome of a Hillary nomination, it is the GOP that seems to be actually worried about how formidable she would be. Time magazine’s Michael Duffy says that many of the money people who are bankrolling her 2006 race are already committed to other 2008 candidates, and aren’t wild about her running because of the opposition she will generate. Duffy does note however that Clinton is not the free trader her husband is, and in fact is sounding out economists about how to rebuild our manufacturing base while demanding fair trade. My question is this: do any of you feel that Clinton may in the end decide to forego 2008 and instead be a kingmaker and candidate for Majority Leader instead?

Gore fired up a crowd of 400 in West Palm Beach yesterday, as he was raising money for Senator Ben Bill Nelson and other Democrats. Gore is spending more time in Florida to raise money for Nelson, who is in a race against a failing and maybe soon-to-be-dropping-out Katherine Harris. Gore sure is racking up IOUs for a guy who supposedly isn’t running in 2008, and is having fun sticking it to those who previously stuck it to him.

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh will be speaking to Georgia Democrats this week on how the party can win national elections in red states, namely by holding onto its base and reaching out to independent voters and “reasonable Republicans”, instead of the DLC method of basing your campaign on the independents and assuming the support of your base because they have nowhere else to go. Bayh will also be advising against appearing to speak down to people and looking elitist, while speaking credibly on national security and being sensitive to moral issues.

Russ Feingold’s censure resolution will put his fellow 2008 Democrats in a spot, even as none of them may support it, simply because any dismissal of the idea by Clinton and others will only generate more dismay from the netroots. Carl Levin is not supportive of the idea.

And yes, there are days when a Gore/Clark ticket sounds really good.

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