Tuesday :: Mar 14, 2006

Why Get Excited Now?

by pessimist

Sure - George W. Bu$h'$ (mi$)Admini$tration is going in the tank. His polling numbers continue to drop, and the realization begins to build that he and his entire crew could be thrown out of power with a shift in the makeup of the Congress.

But this supposes a fair election, which isn't going to happen.

We've beaten the Diebold horse to death, so I won't go over that carcass again. Instead, I'm going to look at the slate of poor choices we are going to be offered to select from when we're allowed into the booth to trigger the 'correct' tally subroutine with our votes.

I have to say that there isn't anyone in either major party that impresses me enough to support them at this time. For every Frist, you have a Daschle. For every McCain, you have a Gore. For every George Allen, you have an Barack Obama making nice with the opposition.

Anyone who is following the coming electoral moves by the various interested officials can easily discern that ambition for a shot as the Next Big Dealer in the White House comes at the expense of the welfare of the nation.

Ever since the Santa Clara decision - one of the early instances of the GOP working against the 'original intent' of the Constitution - economic interests have been sucessfully subverting the will of the people in order to achieve power without retribution. Now that these economic interests - and they are often foreign in nature - completely control the game, it is only a matter of presenting a vetted 'choice' from which We the People 'select' our next leaders. The corporate horse-trading over whose nags are going to be presented to us is already underway.

So when someone like Russ Feingold steps out front to say 'Look at me!', he'd better be dancing to the tune the corporate band is playing. Otherwise, he'll get Swift Boated through the very skillful use of the media to contol opinion in the minds of the voters, who will legitimize yet another corporate-approved cast of political actors when the election comes. Think Howard Dean and the Infamous 'Scream'.

The point is that We the People have already lost our country.

Even if the politics were to suddenly become fair and honest, we have the current mess still to clean up. The economic disaster looming on the horizon is going to impose tough choices on us that the leader at the time will have to deal with. There won't be any welfare handouts, nor will there be any tax relief. The bill will be due and it will be paid. At such a time, we need as leader someone with a plan, a plan which is something more than 'Now that the Twin Towers are downed, we need you to go shopping!'

So far, I don't hear anyone from any party addressing this economic elephant in the room - and that is the issue.

We can tout the fillies and the geldings all we want, but having Good Times requires responsibility when things aren't so good. One can't keep betting the future against a stacked deck.

If anything, watching the news teaches us what is really important to the powers that be. Think about how long Osama has been luxuriating in Riyadh while George has been sending the Pakistani ISI into Tora Bora on a fool's mission to 'get bin Laden'. Now look at how quickly the robbers of the biggest heist in history are being captured.

The message? Kill and terrorize all you want, but no touch-a my $tack!

If only We the People would take up that call!

Considering what is coming, everyone is going to have to give things up - a lot of things. It can't just be wages and pensions and health care taken from the work force. It can't just be Social Security cuts and eliminating Medicare. It can't just be eliminating anything from the federal budget which doesn't impose will through projected force. It has to also include scaling back our military to its 'original intent' of defending the nation instead of projecting a defensive cover for corporate malfeasance.

As much as We the People are being expected to stand on our own two economic feet, so too will the beneficiaries of the Santa Clara decision.

Spending more than the entire balance of the world on our military is something this nation can no longer afford [you can get an idea of how much that really is here]. Spitting in the eyes of those who disagree with us taking their resources in return for nothing will also have to come to an end. That alone will reduce the need for such a bloated military. At that point, companies with foreign plans will have to rely on persuasion instead of military coersion to earn a place in a foreign market. All that talk about free markets will now have to be walked. We the People can't afford to subsidize them anymore. Not even Unka Dickie's Halliburton.

No more tax relief in the name of business subsidy! No more no-bid contracts! If a company can't make it in the marketplace, it will just have to die off and decrease the surplus corporate population. Some vulture will gnaw the bones and come up with somthing of a profitable nature out of the remains. That will be their payoff, not a handout from Uncle $ugar. There won't be very much sugar - or anything else - for anyone.

No candidate for office is going to get my support unless I hear something from them that indicates to me that they know what the problems really are, and that they have some kind of a logical plan to deal with them. Then they have to show me that they can get the country to follow them into the Valley of the Shadow of No-Wealth.

Then I can take them seriously.

Until then, I can only see the usual slate of personal ambitions ready to sell out to the highest bidder in the rigged auction of politics - a game that you and I, and this nation as a whole, can no longer afford to play.

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