Wednesday :: Mar 15, 2006

Wednesday morning outrages

by eriposte

As Iraq burns, the chief architect of the Iraq debacle - George W. Bush - who lost Iraq due to reckless incompetence, continues to lie to try and incite a new war.

In the meantime, some of the so-called Democrats - including those who supported a censure of Bill Clinton - continue to run and hide (call them).

The Washington Post fabricates a claim about support for Bush's illegal domestic spying program. The same article has the usual, customary media nonsense about who exactly it is that wants Bush challenged. Read Glenn Greenwald's post and John Aravosis' post about the Washington Post article and let the WaPo ombudsman know what you think.

Reader Anjha has a great idea about how to thank Sen. Feingold. Click here for contact details.

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