Thursday :: Mar 16, 2006

Despite Rice and Bolton's Stupidity, Administration Ready To Talk To Iran

by Steve

Yesterday, in its latest round of “Iran is the new Iraq” campaign, Condi said that Iran was the bankroller for international terrorism (funny, I thought Saudi Arabia claimed that title also). John Bolton brought up Iran and 9/11 in the same sentence. And Bush’s latest national security strategy says that Iran is a major threat, even though their nuclear weapons capability is years off. So what happens today? Iran offers to talk with the United States about Iraq, and the Bush Administration quickly agrees. But which Bush Administration will show up, and will they be properly medicated?

It’s hopeful that the Iranians are still willing to talk with the bipolar Keystone Kops at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Recent overreach by Iran's new president has in fact opened up a chance for Washington to pull Iran back from the precipice. Iran would like nothing more than to discuss both their nuclear ambitions and their regional role directly with Washington, something they have been trying to do for over three years as a “grand bargain”. But Bolton and previously Paul Wolfowitz, with Cheney’s blessing, have ruled out engaging the Iranians, and have passed on chances to discuss the nuclear program in a broader context that could have benefited our interests.

As Bush’s political capital evaporates because of Iraq, he may be grasping for any means possible to resolve the mess he created in the region, and that may mean talking directly to Iran about both issues. And I'm sure that there is a little "good cop" (Khalilzad) and "bad cop" (the loons in DC) going on here on display for Tehran as an incentive to deal with our ambassador. But whether we like it or not, Iran is a key to unwinding our catastrophe in Iraq, and any chance we had at containing them to our liking is long gone, thanks to Cheney’s failed foreign policy. It remains to be seen if Bush continues these mistakes or reaches for a chance to remedy them.

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