Thursday :: Mar 16, 2006

What Homeland Security?

by Steve

Are you surprised at this?

Imagine an explosion strong enough to blow a car's trunk apart, caused by a bomb inside a passenger plane. Government sources tell NBC News that federal investigators recently were able to carry materials needed to make a similar homemade bomb through security screening at 21 airports.
In all 21 airports tested, no machine, no swab, no screener anywhere stopped the bomb materials from getting through. Even when investigators deliberately triggered extra screening of bags, no one discovered the materials.

So they can’t handle hurricanes, they approve deals to turn our ports over to Middle Eastern countries without checking the country’s commitment to fighting terrorism, and now they can’t even fulfill the primary mission for which they were created. At least we now know that the reason we haven't been hit again isn't because of anything that Homeland Security has done, but rather because Al Qaeda hasn't tried, for some reason. It does blow a hole in the "we've been protecting you" claim, doesn't it?

Incompetence, brought to you daily by the Bush Administration. This wouldn’t be happening if Al Gore was president, but then, 9/11 wouldn’t have happened either, for that matter.

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