Friday :: Mar 17, 2006

Eliot Spitzer Beats Bush And Cheney On Clean Air Act Rollback

by Steve

The Bush Administration got spanked late today by its own DC Court of Appeals when Eliot Spitzer led a coalition of states and cities to a victory over Dick Cheney’s Energy Task Force and the EPA. The EPA had tried to implement a regulatory change that would have exempted older power plants from provisions of the Clean Air Act that require upgrading of pollution control equipment when any significant modernization is undertaken at the plant. The states, including New York, California, and others filed suit against the EPA to block the implementation of the regulation. They won at the DC court today, which ruled that the Administration's actions were a violation of the Clean Air Act, and could not be undertaken without a change in the statute through Congress. It isn’t likely that the Supremes would overturn the DC court on an issue like this.

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