Saturday :: Mar 18, 2006

Even Conservative Judges Like Clean Air

by Steve

It seems that the Bush Administration suffered two losses yesterday in court. We already told you about the DC Court of Appeals smacking down Dick Cheney and the EPA over their intended evisceration of the Clean Air Act’s requirement for pollution equipment upgrades whenever a power plant is significantly renovated. Note that among the three-judge panel that ruled against Cheney and for the states was a recent Bush appointee that I have vilified here previously:

The case was decided unanimously by a panel made up of two judges appointed by President Clinton — Judith W. Rogers and David S. Tatel — and Judge Janice Rogers Brown, a former California Supreme Court justice, whose nomination to the appeals court by Bush encountered a filibuster by Democrats.

Well, I’ll be damned. Even far right conservatives like clean air.

The second case the Administration lost yesterday was when a federal judge in San Jose ruled that Google did not have to turn over to the Bush Administration records of all internet searches related to online pornography inquiries of its users as part of a large Alberto Gonzales fishing expedition.

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