Sunday :: Mar 19, 2006

Quick hits

by eriposte

You have to see this post by Dave Johnson and the video he refers to.

Laura Rozen has more on the Brent Wilkes bribery scandal and Rep. Doolittle (R-Corruption).

Chitra Ragavan of US News and World Report asks whether the Bush administration has been secretly violating the law on physical searches. (h/t Laura Rozen)

Make sure you read Alan Brinkley's review of Kevin Phillips' book "American Theocracy" (h/t Micah Sifry).

Neil Cameron at One Salient Oversight has three posts for you to read - Arianna Huffington and the Clooney fiasco (and an update on Arianna's nice apology), Iyad Allawi's declaration that Iraq is in fact in the midst of civil war, and a comparison of the casualty rates of the Iraqi civil war to previous civil wars.

Of course, Chuck Hagel says that Generals have been telling him that Iraq has been in the midst of a "low grade" civil war for some time now. (h/t Raw Story)

As usual, the Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes is busy concocting the kind of garbage he has become infamous for.

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