Monday :: Mar 20, 2006

VandeHei: Bush Will Have Tough Time Regaining Public Trust

by Steve

I have to give credit to Jim VandeHei of the Washington Post, a guy who I have nicked in the past for being suspect when writing about this White House because his wife used to work for Tom DeLay. Yet here is VandeHei, writing a piece in Tuesday's Post, which basically says that Bush will have a tough time regaining the public's trust generally and on Iraq specifically because Bush and Cheney have been such lying sacks of shit from Day One.

Of course, Frank Newport of the Gallup Organization took his cue to sound the note of optimism that isn't shared by others, but that isn't surprising given the water that Gallup carries for the GOP and Corporate America.

What else isn't surprising is that VandeHei's editors buried his analysis way back on Page A14, rather than on Page One. But at least VandeHei took a look at the situation, talked to people, and called in like he saw it.

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