Tuesday :: Mar 21, 2006

Washington Post: As Usual Bowing to Conservative Power

by eriposte

The GOP says jump. The WaPo's editors not only say "How High?", they also deliver!

The sad decline of the conservative establishment media in the United States continues with the Washington Post putting a partisan and extremist GOP operative of the racist site Redstate, who has the well-known tendency that is endemic to the Far Right in this country, i.e., making s*** up, on their payroll to satisfy their GOP masters. (As it turns out the operative's father also happens to be a Bush appointee - which should be no surprise considering that the WaPo donated $100,000 to Bush's 2005 inaugural).

Now, the Post fully has the right to hire any crackpot they want. The real issue this reveals once again is what we've long known - that the Washington Post bows to conservative power (the GOP) and not to journalistic integrity - as was evident from how they hid the good reporting of journalists like Walter Pincus, while letting fakers like Bob Woodward preen in front of Bush for years to achieve greater heights in stenography, while trashing Patrick Fitzgerald and hiding what he knew about the whole Plame expose.

Anyway, you should read Jane's post on this. You just have to.

[Links thanks to Atrios and Jane]

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