Wednesday :: Mar 22, 2006

SF Chronicle: You Don’t Have to Let Bush Lie

by paradox

In same write-up where the vicious persecution of Helen Thomas was fully noted, Carolyn Lockhead of the San Francisco Chronicle let a rank, total Bush lie just sit there:

“They ought to take their message to the people and say, vote for me, I promise we're not going to have a terrorist surveillance program."

This is a childish, complete lie. The NSA issue is that the President was caught and even admitted to breaking the surveillance law by spying upon Americans. Nothing whatsoever has been said by anyone about stopping surveillance on terrorists. Feingold’s censure calls for condemning Bush’s felonies; so far the response from Bush is that as President he can do anything outside of the law in wartime.

That means the country is lost and gone: there is no more rule of law and the judicial and legislative branches are useless shams. Bush will continue the disastrous war for three more years and simply skip out, with nothing to stop him or fix it.

Yet Lockhead and her editors let Bush lie right there in their precious space—after 200 years of journalism history, 75 years of Hearst publishing, undergrad and masters degrees, extremely demanding work for terrible pay, getting promoted, an excellent reporter with the cream of an editing team, hell, 100 years of editing experience looking at the Bush lie in a free speech place millions have died defending, what do they do?

They let that flaming turd of a lie concerning vital issues and our precious freedom sit there. After all they’ve done and represent, a disastrous lie that could do incredible damage to us all is plain ignored. That’s their “professionalism.” It is, really.

There are a lot of reasons the United States is horribly in debt, hated virulently by half the globe, has a monstrous trade deficit, terrible vast rifts of poverty and inequality, no judicial branch, no legislative branch, continuing flagrant abuse of the environment, and a felonious war machine run amok in the Bill of Rights killing hundreds of human souls by the day, but surely one of the greatest factors is the ability of Bush to lie whenever he wants with no accountability.

US journalism lets him lie whenever he wants, in other words. Bush hates the press and especially Helen Thomas, the Chronicle said it right there, yet they always let Bush lie.

It doesn’t have to be this way—whatever vastly convoluted path of rationalization the editors and reporters took to swallow this incredible “professionalism” can simply be stopped. Stop letting Bush lie.

We’ve lost the country—oh yes, we have—because of this lying. We might get it back if Lockhead and her editors defend the truth. Maybe.

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