Wednesday :: Mar 22, 2006

Back To Safe Surroundings

by Steve

Well, after a couple of days doing the high-wire act answering unscripted questions from inquisitive minds, Bush needed to return to stagecraft and imagery, courtesy of the cable news channels and the use of a red-state military base and families as props. The screened Stepford crowd did their job today, asking Bush why the media was so wrong about Iraq and why the media was so mean to him. As ThinkProgress notes, things must have been slow in the news today, because the cable channels gave Bush an hour of propaganda time to feed the flock of cultists around the country.

Expect to see more of these in the coming days, as Bush is frantically trying to prop up his support amongst the Kool Aid drinkers in a base that Karl hopes doesn’t disappear this fall.

Hat tip to Judd at ThinkProgress

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