Wednesday :: Mar 22, 2006

Display Your Faith, Hypocrite!

by pessimist

Up to now, we progressive bloggers have been focusing on Dubai-yeah's worldly acts. Maybe we should be more concerned with his other-worldly acts.

Neil McKenzie Cameron, who blogs at One Salient Oversight, has come up with seven questions that he feels would expose the religious hypocrisy of George W. Bu$h.

As Cameron puts it [my bolds, his links]:

Ever since Bush's inexplicable inability to even come close to explain his thoughts on Christian eschatology, the Progressive blogosphere is beginning to come up with two theories about Bush's Christian faith. The first is that he is a hypocrite, the second is that he isn't a Christian in the first place. As a result, there has been some conjecture about trying to nail him on certain points of Christian belief.

And so, herewith, are my suggestions for questions:
1. Mr President, if you died tonight and stood before God, and he asked you "Why should I let you into heaven", what would you say to him?

2. Mr President, can you please give an example of how God has guided you during your time as president?

3. Mr President, do you think that sincere, devout and peaceful Muslims go to heaven when they die?

4. Mr President, do you think that God could forgive someone as evil as Osama Bin Laden? How?

5. Mr President, which is your favourite book of the Bible?

6. Mr President, when Jesus was on earth, do you think that he may have occasionally sinned?

7. Mr President, many sincere Christians think that Jesus didn't actually rise from the grave, what would you say to them?

[Questions © 2006 Neil McKenzie Cameron]

Those are the questions. How would George answer - assuming the Dark Lords who own his soul allowed him to speak?

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