Thursday :: Mar 23, 2006

More Useless Talk About Changes At The White House

by Steve

Another story by the NYT’s good Adam Nagourney and water-carrying Lis Bumiller on talk that Bush will bring in new blood to help right the ship. It’s irrelevant pap, because bringing in another yes-man for two men who don’t want to listen to contrarian views is meaningless. None of the names mentioned in this piece will actually be allowed to take charge of anything and fix anything with Congress or the American people. It isn’t in Bush or Cheney’s DNA to take advice and change course based on what someone else tells them to do. And Bush’s main focus between now and November is stopping his erosion with his base, and none of these guys would come in to do anything about that. Rove has that job already. Note the comment in the story that Rove is growing increasingly confident that the Plame matter is behind him.


All Bush and Rove care about between now and November is to keep the base with them. Recent polls are showing signs of erosion within the base, and such a development if left unaddressed could signal that the base may be discouraged and stay home this November. This in turn would cause the GOP incumbents in vulnerable seats to jump ship out of self-preservation and go their own way. Both events would help the Democrats pull within parity in one or both houses this fall, rendering Bush impotent and make the GOP an endangered species for 2008 and 2010 when the trends and offices up for reelection favor the Democrats.

What you've seen on display this week is the campaign. Monday was the Cleveland appearance in front of real people, which was designed to show that Bush was still relevant and not hiding from bad polls in the Rose Garden. Tuesday was the counterattack against the media, whereupon Bush went toe-to-toe with an 85 year-old woman - and lose. And yesterday was the reappearance in front of the cultists so that they can ask safe and worshipful questions with the cable channel cameras rolling. You’ll be seeing more and more of these types of events, and a lot of the “blame the media” stuff as it plays into a narrative that Rove wants to sell the Stepford crowds this year. Oh, and you can be sure that we will soon see a return of the anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-flag burning, and pledge of allegiance stuff as well. It's all aimed at only one group: the base. Bush doesn’t give a wit between now and November about actually fixing anything, and no one who is brought in for cosmetic reasons will either.

By the way, while Bush was in West Virginia yesterday using its citizens and military base as props, why didn’t Bobby Bird smack him around on mine safety?

Picture courtesy of the New York Times

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