Thursday :: Mar 23, 2006

Exactly How Popular Is McCain Inside The GOP?

by Steve

For those among us who think that John McCain will win the 2008 GOP presidential nomination and then defeat any of the current Democratic prospects, I ask you this:

How can the supposed odds-on favorite for the party’s nomination be less popular within the party than a man with an 18% favorability rating in the country at large?

Not to be outdone, and eight years after hounding Bill Clinton for lying about an affair with a subordinate, the GOP also rates a married man who had an affair with a staffer higher than a man who spent five years in the Hanoi Hilton.

If McCain can’t win a popularity contest this late in the game against either Cheney or Giuliani, then it's a little premature for Democrats to think that McCain will be the GOP nominee in 2008. And if Democrats were looking for evidence that the current GOP is largely a bunch of Kool Aid drinking, bedwetting cultists, then stop, we have a winner.

Of course, these results come from a party whose members get most of their news from Fox, and are told what to think by Bill O’Reilly, so that tells you everything.

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