Friday :: Mar 24, 2006

A Apropo Response

by Duckman GR

Wampum and Pacific Views and D Kos and Bitch Ph.D have info on the Oglala Sioux South Dakota Tribe offering of abortion services for non Native Dakotans in lieu of the abject failure of the State to care for their citizens in the name of ignorance and superstition and disgusting cowardice, and I can't think of a better group to do so.

Check it out.

Could it be more appropriate that the group that has been so victimized and abused in the past, that has been so used and abused by abramoff and norquist and the whole bushco freakizon conspiracy machine, would step up to the plate and save us stupid white people from our own kind?

Some other blogger I can't find at the moment talked about how we can beat the right because we're more creative, and it's clear that the right is, true to their nature, reactionary and conservative, timid and cowardly, just like all bullies and thugs are in their core, in short, the antithesis of creative.

You just gotta love it, at some level, the irony and symbolism and, dare I say, native (groan) genius of it all.

Oh, and Wampum has a bit of history/interview of President Cecilia Fire Thunder, Oglala Sioux, just for some background.

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