Friday :: Mar 24, 2006

2006 Election Update

by Steve

Some general election-related news for you this morning:

First, Montana GOP senate incumbent Conrad Burns looks like road kill this year, as a result of his Abramoff corruption. The good news for Democrats is that the White House didn’t clear the field for former governor Marc Racicot, who may be joining the White House staff instead in a meaningless move. Rather, a number of GOP, Democratic, and one Libertarian had filed to run for Burns’s seat, who is also running himself. This is a definite Democratic pickup opportunity for 2006.

Although not many GOP incumbents want to appear with Bush or Cheney, they will still take the money they raise for them. Little Ricky Santorum joins the list of GOP candidates who don’t want to be seen apparently in public with Bush, a list that also includes Mike DeWine of Ohio, Mark Kennedy of Minnesota, and Michael Steele in Maryland.

Note that the Wall Street Journal Washington Wire indicates that the Bush Administration, knowing their political weakness, is open to discussing an increase in the minimum wage this year, as Ted Kennedy seeks an increase to $7.25/hour. James Carville advises Democrats to block any congressional pay raises this year until the minimum wage issue is addressed.

In a state that Bush allegedly carried by only one point in 2004, if the presidential race were run again this month in Iowa, Kerry would beat Bush by eight points, the same margin that Democrats win the 2006 general ballot question over the GOP.

In California, Schwarzenegger is tied with both of his Democratic rivals, State Treasurer Phil Angelides and State Controller Steve Westly, after Westly was behind Schwarzenegger earlier this year.

And Robin Toner of the New York Times runs a solid piece this morning on how women candidates are a key part of Rahm Emanuel's plan for the DCCC to win more seats in 2006.

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