Friday :: Mar 24, 2006

Domenech Resigns - When Will Brady And Howell Follow?

by Steve

Plagiarist Ben Domenech, who the Washington Post had no business hiring to appease the right wing in the first place, has resigned from his new job today. The manager of the enterprise, Jim Brady, made the announcement, as it was clearer and clearer that neither he nor anyone else at the Post had done any background checking on this home-schooled racist plagiarizing son of an Abramoff-enabling Bush appointee. At the least, Brady and Deborah Howell, the Post’s despicable Ombudsperson, should be shit-canned; Brady for running a right wing-fellating enterprise absent journalistic principles or any sense of balance or due diligence, and Howell for creating the environment for this debacle by being a tool of these same right wing assholes.

Congrats to Jane, Atrios, and all the rest of the center-left blogosphere who jumped on the Post with both feet, as they should have. Frankly, after seeing this sad display this week, neither Brady nor Howell deserve to be in the same zip code with Walter Pincus or Dana Priest, or the rest of the reporters at the Post who actually know what journalism really is, instead of what is dictated by the right wing.

Perhaps the previously-respectable Dana Milbank and Howie Kurtz can pull their lips off of enough right wing buttcheeks to see what this really was about, but after this debacle, I doubt it. There really is no way for the likes of Milbank or Kurtz to give Domenech a pass as the plagiarism stuff piles up, and then to act like "nothing to see here - move on" after he leaves.

Don't worry Ben; there's a bar stool open for you tonight at the Jeff Gannon mixer. You can sit next to Woodward and Len Downie.

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