Saturday :: Mar 25, 2006

Another Look at Al Gore

by Mary

I was watching the Unseen Al Gore campaign video recommended by Dave Johnson this morning and was struck by the following quote:

Al Gore: I'm a lot more comfortable with the idea of rolling up my sleeves and making the system work than I am with the campaign.

Yes, Al Gore is someone who does his homework and then spends the time and energy needed to get the system working. He would have been an incredible president and our country would be on a much better track. Instead, the Supreme Court selected the guy who likes to pay dress up and has never found any reason to worry about the results. After all, it was Bush who believes that when he has made a decision, the implementation details are left to others and if there are problems, it's not his fault.

And Bush? There’s a very revealing statement in the Barnes book, reminding us of something that Bush said back in 1999. Bush’s main political interest “is not in the means, it is the results”. Once he had declared war, his decision was done. It was up to others to implement it. And he was bored and irritated by the follow-up details.

...His mindset is focused on grand decisions followed by results. There is no toleration for mess, whining, criticism or second- guessing. The nitty gritty — which can mean the difference between success and failure in wartime — was not his concern. He delegated the whole thing to commanders completely intimidated by Rumsfeld and institutionally trained not to challenge their bosses. You want to know why we are where we are in Iraq? We’re beginning to piece it together.

Instead of a self-absorbed clothes horse, we could have had someone who cared about the results.

Do watch the video and think about what kind of President we could have had if the 2000 election had been decided by the people instead of the Supreme Court.

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