Monday :: Mar 27, 2006

Mid-Day Quick Hits - Is Rove Leading Fitz To Cheney?

by Steve

Is Karl assisting Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation by pointing out where to find the emails that previously had been missing? That’s what Raw Story is uncovering, and it appears that Rove is deflecting heat away from him and towards Scooter and Shooter.

In response to the right wing drivel that the media isn’t covering the good news from Iraq, CBS News’ Laura Logan told Howie Kurtz over the weekend that the Administration should be glad that the media isn’t showing the full picture, because it s worse than they think. (Thanks to Huffington Post and Crooks and Liars) Others are now saying the same thing.

The New York Times today shows how mistakes in the Clinton Administration and a preference for private gain over public interest in today’s GOP led to the oil industry screwing the federal treasury out of billions at a time when they are making record profits.

Pat Buchanan’s wacky sister, who considers herself a conservative GOP strategist, says it is entirely possible to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants in this country (thanks to ThinkProgress). Yep, that should help this November.

So much for maverick John McCain; as he gets closer to a White House bid, he resembles a conservative Beltway insider. Yet his staff is small compared to Team Hillary.

Katherine Harris heads for the evangelical fringe as her campaign implodes.

Georgia’s GOP embarrassment of a governor Sonny Perdue is no longer assured of a safe reelection.

The latest poll analysis and strategy memo from Carville and Greenberg indicate that Democrats have an 11-point lead in the generic ballot question, and the possibility for a major shift this November has firmed up. Time magazine ran a similar story over the weekend, noting that the GOP is whistling past the graveyard about their chances this November, and that if the election were held now, the GOP would lose its control of the House.

Lastly, Steve Clemons noted that Madeline Albright has proposed a common-sense approach towards Iran and our dilemma in Iraq, based on the reality we face in the region and not on short-term fantasies inside Bush’s head.

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