Monday :: Mar 27, 2006

Confirmed: Rove Has Assisted Fitzgerald's Investigation

by Steve

Steve Clemons over at The Washington Note has independently confirmed the story broken by Raw Story earlier today, that Karl Rove is cooperating with Patrick Fitzgerald's office by pointing Fitz to the 250 emails that temporarily disappeared from the White House archiving system which apparently involved Shooter's office.

As some of Steve's commenters have noted, the endgame may not be damaging here: Karl points Fitz towards Scooter, who refuses to give up Shooter, causing Scooter to get nailed. Cheney escapes, Rove gets brownie points for cooperating, and neither he nor Bush get nailed for this. Scooter then looks forward to a pardon in 2009 as Skippy is heading out the door. Sure, this is all very possible, from a legal perspective, but what about from a political perspective if this unwinds in front of a newly-elected Democratic congress next year?

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