Tuesday :: Mar 28, 2006

Mid-Day Quick Hits

by Steve

Is the Bush Administration about to lose its landmark case on the treatment of Guantanamo detainees at the Supreme Court? Despite the best efforts of Antonin “The Finger” Scalia and Scalito himself, it appears that the court’s majority isn’t inclined to accept the Administration’s arguments that an undeclared time of war allows Bush to do whatever he wants, and that line of thinking has repercussions in future challenges on NSA spying.

ReddHedd over at FireDogLake reminds us that Arlen Specter’s NSA spying hearing is going on today at the Senate Judiciary Committee, and notes that five out of five FISA court judges pissed on the Administration’s claims of authority. This will change as John Roberts installs former Whitewater hack John Bates, the man who helped Cheney cover up the Energy Task Force deliberations, on the FISA court. But for today, Specter would have a hard time carrying water for Bush and Cheney in the face of a united opposition from the court he wants to transfer oversight to.

How despicable can DeLay and the rest of the House GOP become? How about profiting off the insider news they get from their K Street Project pals in the halls of Congress?

As Pessimist noted below, two more of Reagan’s inner circle joined the Gipper in the afterlife today: Lyn Nofziger and Cap Weinberger passed away in the last twenty-four hours. Nofziger was a political hack who watched Reagan’s back side as long as Nancy allowed him to, while Cap was a felon. ‘Nuff said.

The federal judge in the Ken Lay/Jeffrey Skilling trial tossed out several charges against the two after the prosecution rested today. That still leaves six charges remaining against the former Enron founder and dozens against the former Enron CEO.

Massachusetts GOP governor Mitt Romney, who sees himself as a GOP presidential nominee with Andy Card’s help in 2008, went into John McCain’s backyard to raise money and send a signal yesterday. In response, McCain continued to whore himself to the American Taliban by agreeing to speak at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty College commencement this year.

Bush praised Josh Bolten’s candor today, yet Bolten was the one who lied to Congress about the true costs of the Medicare Part D program. Craig Crawford notes that the Card/Bolten move means nothing, when the real problems are Bush, Rove, and Cheney. One right wing source says House Republicans are telling Bush to keep Rove out of their 2006 survival efforts, as they blame Rove for being out of touch and too ego-driven. Yet by dumping Card today for Bolten, Bush has strengthened Rove even more.

As the White House now tries to schmooze the press this week after attacking them last week for not reporting all of the good news from Iraq, there were new kidnappings and murders in the country today.

Katherine Harris lost another key staffer yesterday, which will only make room for more evangelical loons to come aboard.

Thanks to the McClatchy Company’s increasingly sad acquisition of Knight-Ridder and the subsequent pending divestiture of several high quality KR papers to finance that sale, it appears that this deal will destroy the San Jose Mercury News and two other good KR papers. I hope McClatchy CEO Gary Pruitt can sleep well at night.

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