Wednesday :: Mar 29, 2006

Wednesday morning reads

by eriposte

The Democratic party leadership is about to unveil a national security plan/agenda today. For comments on this see Georgia 10 (DailyKos) and Sean-Paul Kelley (The Agonist).

Net neutrality appears to be taking a backseat and the consequences could be quite bad for average Americans. In a post highlighting some recent bad news on net neutrality, Sean-Paul Kelley says:

I know this is the fiftieth time I've posted on this but net-neutrality is a big freaking deal and it effects us as much, if not more than HR 1606. We all need to educate ourselves on it and follow it and lobby on it, especially with Google slanting rightward. Major bloggers are letting this one slip by. And this is an issue that binds the Left and the Right!

We've put up some background articles here. Educate yourselves. Contact your representatives.

I'm imploring you. We're going to get hosed if the broadband providers are allowed to charge tolls and create a two lane internet.

Read his post for more. And there's a major "Freedom to Connect" (F2C) conference next week in DC (h/t Micah Sifry).

We've been talking a lot about how the GOP has long been King George's Rubber Stamp. Now, there's an RNC memo warning them to remain Bush Rubber Stamps (h/t Murshed Zaheed at Think Progress). Every Democratic campaign in 2006 should be quoting this memo in their ads. Talking of Rubber Stamp Republicans, have you considered participating in the campaign to deliver rubber stamps to Congress?

Talking about Election 2006, two must-read posts:

Talking of elections in general, as you know the center-left was voted to power in Israel yesterday - a sea change in Israeli politics.

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