Thursday :: Mar 30, 2006

Russians And Chinese Tell Condi "Forget It" On Iranian Sanctions

by Steve

"The Chinese side feels there has already been enough turmoil in the Middle East. We don't need any more turmoil."
-- Dai Bingguo, issuing China's smackdown, while Condi was all smiles

Well, I hope Condi at least enjoyed shopping for shoes, because she got smacked down today by the Russians and Chinese when she floated the idea of sanctions against Iran.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, meeting here on Thursday with representatives of the other four permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, raised the idea of imposing unspecified sanctions on Iran, but she received a decidedly cool reaction from China and Russia.
As it is, Russia and China bluntly declared on Thursday that they had no interest in imposing sanctions of any sort or in taking any further action against Iran, though both countries did express concern about the nuclear program. Russian and Chinese officials said they wanted to refer the issue back to the atomic energy agency. "Russia believes that the sole solution for this problem will be based on the work of the I.A.E.A.," said the Russian foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov.

And the spinning after this defeat has already started.

On her way here Wednesday night, Ms. Rice said the meeting was being held to begin discussions of "the next steps" to be taken against Iran, now that the Security Council statement had been approved. Later, after Russia's and China's public rebukes of the idea of taking further action, the senior administration official, briefing reporters, offered a different goal for the meeting, saying it had been an effort to keep together the coalition of nations opposed to Iran's nuclear program.

It doesn’t get any better for Condi "Twin Mirrors." After flaming out in her attempt to charm the Russians and Chinese on sanctions, she flew to England tonight, where opposition to her appearance has already forced one event to be cancelled.

As for the administration's Iran strategy, it now lies in a ditch, having crashed into a wall caused by our stupidity in Iraq. There is no way that Bush or Cheney will be able to push either Russia or China towards sanctions, so we'll either have to eat humble pie and work with Iran, or watch Cheney and Bolton bomb them.

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