Saturday :: Apr 1, 2006

Weekend Open Thread

by Steve

I'll be in and out today, as our daughter's theater company is putting on two shows today, so here is an Open Thread for you to get started. The only story I'll put out there is Condi's European Adventure, where so far she has failed at getting key support for the Administration's Iran objectives, and now admits that the Bush Administration made thousands of mistakes in Iraq, but claims with a straight face that the original decision to go to war wasn't one of them.

It takes a remarkable amount of detachment to say that the killing of tens of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of killings and maimings of American soldiers was still a laudable goal when your international credibility and respect, and your whole mideast policy, including your Iranian ambitions were destroyed by that single decision. And yet this supposedly smart woman can't see that.

Well, at least she'll come home with great shoes.

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