Sunday :: Apr 2, 2006

Why Immigration now?

by Duckman GR

Athenae wonders why, to put it her way,

Why did the GOP stick its party-wide dick in this bees' nest NOW?

It's got nothing to do with immigration. Look at what's happened since the gop suddenly started talking about immigration.

All we talk about is immigration.

No ponies. No censure. I mean, was it covered as much as the immigration protests were on Friday? (The answer would be, NO)

No Iraq is a quagmire. No dead Soldiers.

Iran happy talk just burbles along page A-3 un-noted, condi completes yet another whirlwind European tour sans dignity, respect, or a clue.

And the headlines are students protesting, Mexican flags waving, Democrats responding to and defending themselves for their support of immigration, and who cares about the price of oil anyway?

rover figures he has plenty of time to repair, aka rig, the damage caused by their immigration reform, hell, they might even make some worthwhile changes for all we know, on paper anyway, but what they cannot do, could not do, was let the Great Leader continue to get pummeled and exposed as the incompetant fool that he is.

It's perfect for them. They can tackle the great burning issue, fan the racist flames of their base, waste time in congress wrestling with the immigration beast, garner headlines of republicans in action, and unlike the Social Security Bamboozalooza Tour (nod to Josh, I think) which was universally unpopular with all but the base, cobble together something not offensive to a variety of groups, creating further divisiveness amongst the Democrats while not touching the gop glue.

That glue being power, the only thing that holds the gop together. And when they lose that power, when bush gets censured (HA), when the Democrats win a house, when Justice Kennedy flips on bush, when rove and cheney get indicted, that's when the party will fly apart. And not a minute sooner.

So that's why immigration is an issue now, because it keeps the glue in place, nothing more, nothing less.

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