Monday :: Apr 3, 2006

Open Thread

by Mary

Bill Frist can't get no respect these days. Poor guy. Thinks he should be the next President of the United States. Yet, it seems that his presidential ambitions are drowning in the flood of late night jokes and the sheer inanity of being Bill Frist. But there is still time to gain the respect he deserves because as he told the NYTimes, people haven't yet really gotten to know the real Bill Frist:

"The real Bill Frist, they don't really see," said Mr. Frist, who wants to be known for his medical work.

Oh, yeah. That's the Bill Frist that thinks nothing about diagnosing serious medical conditions by watching a few minutes of videotape.

The Schiavo episode, in which Mr. Frist declared that Terri Schiavo appeared "clearly responsive" in a videotape, hurt him badly, leaving him vulnerable to charges of pandering to the religious right. Mr. Frist says he has no regrets, but he did learn a lesson: "The American people don't want the United States Senate to get too involved in individual cases."

Duh. Well, I guess there might be a wee bit of a problem when a trained surgeon and medical doctor spends precious political capital to butt into the Schiavo case? I wonder why people might not think too much about the guy's competence?

And in the spirit of can't pile on enough for the self-righteous bastards who lead the Republican party today, here's one more killer quote from that article:

"The most classic case of the Peter Principle I've ever seen in American politics," Mr. Cook said, in an uncharacteristically brutal assessment. "In a business where eloquence and rhetoric is important, he is a man of no talent whatsoever."

Yup. This is a fitting legacy for the hack who thinks he should be president.

Your turn now.


There was Frist's effort to deploy the "nuclear option" — that is, to perform radical surgery on the Senate's filibuster rules in order to allow votes on President Bush's more extreme judicial appointments. But the nuclear option was thwarted when 14 Senate moderates cut a deal to keep the rules and allow votes on some of the appointees. "We saved him on that," said a G.O.P. staff member involved in the negotiations. "Frist never had the votes he needed for the nuclear option."

If this is true, then Democrats should be righteously pissed at their representatives because it means that Scalito should not be on the Supreme Court today. (h/t to Digby)

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